OK, what’s going on?

I’m Matteo, I design t-shirts and sell them worldwide. It’s nice.

I’m Italian and I live in Japan. I started this business because Japanese people, unfortunately, on average don’t check the meaning of the sentences on their t-shirts.
You can find plenty of examples online. I’d guess it’s the same with ideograms on t-shirts for westerners.

Actually I wanted to write some nice words on every t-shirt, at the beginning. But I noticed while designing the layout that words are not always useful.
So, now I’m trying to use only as few words as needed to convey the idea: simplifying over and over at every iteration is a meaningful exercise to do. If only I managed to do the same with written text on the blog… =(

About writing: it has been such a pain to write and check everything in Japanese, so I don’t feel like translating everything in English. At least not yet!

I believe the interface is intuitive enough that even non Japanese speakers can fill everything just fine, but it may be me being used to it, so I don’t really know. Ok, it’s me, I’m lazy and don’t want to fix this. So, I’ll answer gladly to any mail from people needing help.
I’m sorry for this extra step! Italian, French and Spanish also ok, if that can ease the pain =)

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